Private photoshoot

Tariff given for standard properties (not luxury class) without pool. Luxury class properties comes under commercial tariff.


Type of photo shoot

Basic tariff

Duration of photography

1 bedroom apartment

Rs. 6,000

1.5 hours

2 bedroom apartment

Rs. 8,000

2 hours

3 bedroom apartment

Rs. 10,000

3 hours

1 bedroom villa

Rs. 10,000

2 hours

2 bedroom villa

Rs. 16,000

2.5 hours

3 bedroom villa

Rs. 20,000

3 hours

Commercial property photoshoot

Duration of photography

Basic tariff

Type of photo shooting

Up to 2 hours

upto Rs. 15,000

Small office, small property

Up to 3 hours

upto Rs. 20,000

Small villas, buildings

Up to 4 hours

upto Rs. 25,000

Small guest house, small resort, 2 bedroom villas

Up to 5 hours

upto Rs. 30,000

Guest house, small resort, 3 bedroom villas

Up to 6 hours

upto Rs. 40,000

Resort, small hotel

Up to 10 hours

By request

Hotels, big projects

My requirements

  • Property should ready for photoshoot – “come and click picture”;
  • Extra day for photoshoot – extra charges;
  • Additional timing – extra charges.

Service charges


Peoples, team pictures, events during photoshooting

By request

Picture editing

Inclusive of charges

Photo on the pendrive

Inclusive of charges

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