Interior Photography

Goa being a tourist destination has all types of hotels, guesthouse and villas along the coastal belt and even toward the interior.

If a picture paints a thousand words then what pictures one put up on one’s website/social media pages needs to be of a high quality, paying attention to details to make ones establishment look the best possible to attract guests and generate revenue. Good, professional photos can increase ones customers tenfold.

I have photographed many guesthouses, villas, hotels and resorts over the past couple of years. Some of my biggest clients are Villa Calangue, Sea Shell Resorts, Acron Builders etc.

So if you’re looking for good quality, professional photos, then look no further !!!!!


I use a full frame DSLR capable of generating 24 megapixel files with different lenses such as fixed focal length lenses, ultra wide angle and telephoto lenses to cover any possible situation. I usually photograph using ambient light but also use flash light as and when needed to get the desired output.


Rodden D’Souza

I started out in photography many years ago covering functions, portfolios, fashion, travel, food & drink etc, but finally settled into and specialized into Interior photography as I found it to be the most creative and fulfilling. I offer professional services in North and South Goa.

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